What is a Bath Lift?

//What is a Bath Lift?

What is a Bath Lift?

A bath lift is a seat that fits in a bathtub and is operated by using water or a battery. The lift is used to place someone in the water and help them get out when the bath ends. Those who have trouble with mobility and elderly people find the use of a bath lift helps them to feel safer and less dependent on others.

Bath lifts are useful to people who care for the disabled and elderly, as the frequent lifting of a person in and out of a tub can lead to back issues or cause slipping. Some lift models provide a platform or a flap that provides easy access for getting onto and off the device.

While a few bath lifts are powered by water, most use a battery. A battery-operated system should have a feature that does not allow the seat to be lowered into a tub unless there is a sufficient charge to bring it back up again. This prevents someone from becoming trapped in the tub. Comfort and safety should be the top priorities when choosing a bath lift.

The majority of lifts come equipped with a padded backrest. Others are portable and can be broken down into several pieces for travel. Some models can be adjusted to the most comfortable reclining position. Regardless of the type, a bath lift should always be strong and durable.

A battery-operated lift must have a waterproof cord and battery pack. Household water pressure is sufficient to operate a water-powered model. The battery type utilizes a convenient hand controller to lower and raise the lift from the tub.

While a bath lift offers more independence to those with limited mobility, it is best practice to have someone nearby who can lend assistance in case of an emergency situation.


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